WOOMA is a creative studio focusing on hair and makeup, that was established by Neel Boje and Signe Eflund. Since the beginning in 2013 both proprietors have worked hard to keep up with the changing trends in an industry that is constantly evolving as they wish to continue being able to inspire the people they meet – customers as well as colleagues.

With many years of experience in the field, WOOMA offers its expertise in helping customers achieve the look they have been dreaming about for years. The studio is always on top of the latest trends and newest techniques, so that they can offer their customers the latest within color treatments, hairstyles and hair extensions. Good craftsmanship and customer guidance is the studio’s top priority to ensure satisfied and happy customers regardless of the treatment they have received.

In short, WOOMA offers many of the same treatments you know from others hairdressers, but will always work hard to give their customers that little extra that makes all the difference. For Neel and Signe that little extra is what matters, which is why they have only selected the best hair stylists to create a strong and competent team.

We look forward to welcoming you into our creative universe.

– Neel Boje & Signe Eflund