Balmain Half Wig Memory®Hair 45cm

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This hairpiece, made of the patented Memory®Hair, adds the amount of hair of a wig, while still respecting the natural hairline. The two flexible combs inside the Half Wig secure the hairpiece onto the head. Blends perfect with the natural hair and is ideal to create big hair or voluminous updo’s.

• Super-fast application
• Invisible integration
• Easy to straighten or curl (max. 160°C / 320°F)

Half Wig Memory®Hair

The hairline of a wig can often be a tell-tale sign for a wig. The Half wig offers the perfect solution to preserve the natural hairline, while adding the amount of hair of a wig. As the Half wig only covers half of the head, the color of the Half Wig should be a close match to the natural hair color. The two flexible combs inside the Half Wig easily secure the hairpiece onto the head.

Made of 100% Memory®Hair, the Half Wig weights 30% less than Human Hair and is therefore very comfortable to wear. It mimics all aspects of human hair, feels soft and blends perfect with the natural hair. In contrast to other hairpieces made of synthetic fiber hair, the Half Wig can be straightened or curled up to 160°C / 320°F. It also remembers the last applied styling technique.

Best for:
The Half Wig is perfect to create voluminous big hair or sophisticated updo’s.

Backstage Secret:
For seamless integration, tease some of the natural hair and comb over the Half Wig. Use a headband to secure and finish the look.

This hairpiece is made of 100% Memory®Hair.

Weight: 144 grams
Length: 45 cm

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