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Davines NaturalTech Energizing Lotion

510,00 DKK

Til bekæmpelse af hormonrelateret hårtab, alopeci og talg-hyperproduktion. Energizing Superactive toner og balancerer hovedbunden, skaber et fundament for stærkere hår.

Efter vask med shampoo spredes 3 gr. af produktet jævnt over hovedbunden og masseres ind indtil den er helt absorberet. Skyl ikke af. Intensiv behandling: hver anden dag i 1 måned. Vedligeholdelsesbehandling: To gange om ugen i 2 måneder.

100 ml

Davines NaturalTech Energizing Lotion 12×6 ml

459,00 DKK

Davines NaturalTech Energizing Lotion er et produkt der bruges mod akut hårtab, hvad enten det er på grund af stress, sygdom eller periodisk fældning.

Davines NaturalTech Energizing Lotion indeholder essentielle olier såsom: kanel, ingefær og sort peber. Derudover hjælper den med at stimulere mikrocirkulationen i hovedbunden og øge blodcirkulationen.

Lotionen masseres ind i hovedbunden efter brug af shampoo. Lotionen skal blive i håret, og dermed ikke skylles ud. For at opnå det bedste resultat bruges lotionen hver anden dag i 1 måned, og herefter to gange ugenligt i 2 måneder.

Indeholder 12 flasker á 6 ml.

Delilah Blusher/Bronze Brush

379,00 DKK

This special brush has a tapered, dome shape for precise application. The tempered synthetic fibres help to “grab and blend” powders, giving a more professional result

Delilah Brow Line Brush

199,00 DKK

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Eyebrows are so important – they frame the eye and complete a well groomed look. Brow Line is a retractable eyebrow pencil that is so easy to use. The narrow nib is perfect for creating high definition eyebrows with a natural, hair-like look. The pencil itself is quite firm, making Brow Line very forgiving. With a built-in brush at the other end, the perfect eyebrow really is achievable.

Delilah Brow Shape Gel

199,00 DKK

Brow Shape Defining Brow Gel.

Brow Shape is the ultimate tinted brow gel, creating a one-step solution for defining, shaping and filling the brows. The precision, micro brush has been designed to naturally tint and tame unruly brow hair. This long wearing, smudge proof gel is perfect for filing small gaps on sparse eyebrows, leaving them naturally defined and beautifully conditioned.

Delilah Colour Blush

259,00 DKK

Compact Powder Blusher.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Colour Blush is a compact powder blusher which gives a natural flush of colour to any skin. This lightweight, silky powder blends beautifully over the skin while the micronised formulation helps to blur imperfections. Colour blush comes in a beautifully crafted aluminium compact and is presented in a protective velvet pouch.

Delilah Colour Gloss

219,00 DKK

Ultimate Shine Lipgloss.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Colour Gloss is a moisturising gloss which gives ultimate shine and lustre with incredible staying power without feeling sticky. Enriched with vitamin E and emollient oils to nourish and protect, Colour Gloss also contains a botanical cellular activator derived from olive and jojoba, offering a youthful and regenerative function. Colour Gloss has a light, berry flavour. Paraben Free. Dermatologically tested. Apply direct to the lips with the sponge wand for ultimate colour and shine or pat a small amount on with a finger for a subtle sheen.

Delilah Colour Intense Eyeshadow

199,00 DKK

Compact Eyeshadow.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Colour Intense eyeshadow comes in two finishes – matte and shimmer. The shimmer finish combines the smoothness and softness of a cream with the convenience of a powder. The result is brilliant colour that blends effortlessly over the eye. The matt finish has an ultra-fine texture with a deep, intense colour release for a blendable, buildable result. Colour Intense blends easily on to the eye for a professional looking result that really lasts.

Delilah Colour Intense Lipstick

239,00 DKK

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Colour Intense is a luxurious lipstick formulated to provide a soft, creamy feel with a silky matte effect. It is enriched with spherical polymers that provide a velvety feeling for easy glide-on application and vitamin E as a powerful antioxidant. Colour Intense melts onto your lips that lasts for hours.

Delilah Concealer Blending Brush

279,00 DKK

This unusual concealer brush has synthetic fibres that help to effortlessly blend liquid and cream concealers under the eye area. The extra long handle has been perfectly balanced for better control.


Delilah Definitive Mascara

239,00 DKK

Volumising and Defining Mascara.

Paraben Free. Definitive mascara has an innovative and unique y-shaped brush that allows the lashes to become dramatically defined and voluminous with just a few strokes. The formulation itself contains a stretchable film that helps to lengthen and define each lash while olive waxes give a soft voluminous look. Achieve full, dramatic, defined lashes with just a few sweeps of the brush.

Delilah Eye Definer Brush

259,00 DKK

This flat, domed brush is made with pure sable. The shape has been created for precision application of eyeshadow into the crease area or next to the lash line.

Delilah Eye Line Pencil

199,00 DKK

Paraben Free and Ophthalmologically Tested. Eye Line is a long wearing, waterproof eyeliner with a built-in smudger and sharpener. This super-soft, creamy texture has intense colour that glides beautifully onto the eyes without smudging or fading, lasting up to 12 hours. At the other end, the built in smudger pulls out to reveal a sharpener for precision application.

Delilah Eye shadow Brush

259,00 DKK

This versatile brush is perfect for both cream and powder eyeshadow formulations. The rounded soft shape also makes it ideal for blending and contouring around the eye area.

Delilah Farewell Concealer

239,00 DKK

Farewell Cream Concealer.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Farewell Cream Concealer provides perfect, undetectable coverage wherever you need it. Hyaluronic Filling Spheres help to fill fine lines and wrinkles making the skin look visibly smoother and softer. Farewell has been created to target imperfections, dark spots, discolorations and signs of fatigue on both eyes and face. Enriched with moisturizing and antioxidant ingredients, Farewell leaves the skin hydrated and silky soft. Two colour correctors have been added to the Farewell line up, these colour correctors have a pinky, peach undertone and can be used in conjunction with the concealers to even out the most challenging imperfections.

Delilah Foundation Kabuki Brush

399,00 DKK

This unique foundation brush is made with synthetic fibres that help to blend and smooth fluid foundations onto the skin for an almost airbrush finish. The handle has been cropped short for easier handling.

Delilah Gel Line Liner

219,00 DKK

Gel Eye Liner.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Gel line has a soft texture that is easy to apply and produces a deeply intense colour on application. This beautiful glass pot of magic, lines the eyes with a vibrant, deep and precise line which is water-proof and smudge-resistant. For perfectly precise lines, use the delilah Small Liner Brush.

Delilah Lip Brush

239,00 DKK

This brush is made with pure sable fibres which have been cut into a flat paddle shape, perfect for applying lipstick and creating precise lip lines.

Delilah Lip Line Pencil

199,00 DKK

Long Wear Retractable Lip Pencil.

Lip Line is a long wearing waterproof lip liner with a built-in brush and sharpener. The super-soft, creamy texture has intense colour that glides beautifully onto the lips without smudging or fading for up to 12 hours. The two shades have been created to match the natural lip colour so can be worn with many shades of lipstick and lipgloss. At the other end the built-in brush pulls out to reveal a sharpener for precision application.

Delilah Pure Light

339,00 DKK

Pure Light Illuminating Powder.

Pure Light is a remarkable illuminating and brightening powder, giving soft, multi-dimensional radiance to any skin tone. Created with micro-fine powders and a ground breaking blending process, Pure Light applies effortlessly, leaving the skin looking healthy, smooth and luminous. The powder is presented in a watercolour, swirl effect of rose gold, soft peach and subtle lavender pink which intelligently adapts to brighten dull looking skin, giving a soft ethereal glow from within. Pure Light comes in a beautifully crafted Rose Gold and Pewter compact and is presented in a protective velvet pouch. Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested.

Delilah Pure Touch

399,00 DKK

Micro-fine Loose Powder.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Pure Touch re-defines everything you thought you knew about loose powder. This delicate powder transforms skin for an airbrushed looking finish. Its micro-fine particles feel impossibly light and smooth leaving an unbelievably silky touch to the skin. This micro-fine finishing powder sets your foundation and mattifies skin without changing its natural colour. Pure Touch can be applied over foundation or worn alone to achieve a perfect and flawless result.

Delilah Slim Line Liner

199,00 DKK

Liquid Liner.

Paraben Free and Ophthalmologically Tested. A beautiful, metalised, liquid pen-style liner that provides the ultimate, precise, perfect line in a rich, deep, carbon black. Slim Line has a built-in soft-touch brush to draw an intense, defined line that is waterproof but easy to remove.

Delilah Small Liner Brush

259,00 DKK

This precision brush is perfect for the application of liquid or gel eye liners. The tapered point of the brush and over-sized handle make applying eye liner quick and effortless.

Delilah Sunset Bronzer

339,00 DKK

Matte Bronzer.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Sunset is a totally matte bronzer that gives the perfect sun-kissed glow to any skin. The ultralight, silky texture blends perfectly over the skin while soft focus pigments help to veil any imperfections, leaving a beautiful, even and healthily-looking complexion. Sunset’s luxurious formulation contains Vitamin E to help protect the skin and Jojoba oil for natural hydration. This stunning bronzer comes in a beautifully-crafted aluminium compact and is presented in a protective velvet pouch.

Delilah Time Frame Foundation

339,00 DKK

Future Resist Foundation SPF 20.

Paraben Free and Dermatologically Tested. Time Frame is a fluid foundation that blends perfectly with the skin, leaving an effortlessly flawless finish. The light, buildable coverage has a subtle luminosity and a velvety texture. Vitamin E works as a powerful antioxidant to prevent against environmental damage while a blend of peptides helps to prevent signs of ageing. Time Frame contains a broad spectrum SPF 20 for everyday protection.

Delilah Under Wear Primer

329,00 DKK

Future Resist Foundation Primer.

The secret to looking great is to perfect what goes on underneath. Under Wear foundation primer has been created to perfectly prepare the skin for make up, ensuring it will apply more easily, look great and last longer. Under Wear is a serum with an extremely fresh and silky feel, helping the skin to look softer, smoother, younger while optically reducing the appearance of imperfections on the skin. Enriched with peptides, lines and wrinkles instantly appear plumped and smoothed.

Detangling Spa Brush

325,00 DKK

Detangling Spa Brush with flexible nylon bristles. The flexibility of the bristles ensure pain-free detangling while the soft ballpoint tips massage the scalp to stimulate the blood circulation. Perfect for all hair types, wigs and hair with extensions.


• Nylon ballpoint bristles
• Prevents hair breakage and damage
• Detangles the hair without pulling or snagging the hair

balmain extension brush Ikke på lager

Extension Brush

499,00 DKK

Soft bristle brush specially designed for hair with extensions. The Extension Brush glides through the hair easily without damaging the bonds of the extensions. Regular brushing creates strength, suppleness, closes the cuticle and produces a healthy shine and beautiful tangle free hair. The Extension Brush is suitable for all hairtypes and hair extensions.

• Super soft nylon bristles
• Prevents hair breakage and damage
• Recommended for hair with extensions

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